Wednesday, October 10, 2007



It's 10:43 p.m. and I am tired. Its been a long day for me. I had a meeting all morning and then at lunchtime I did a "Wednesday at Noon" teleconference presentation with a Dr. friend of mine on smoking cessation. Its a pretty cool set an hour online course where docs link in and they can ask us questions and stuff. But man was it ever tiring...

So I get home, pick up James, head to Walmart, decide to get Mickey D's for the kiddos for supper, set one foot back in the house and look at my Jacob who has gone white and is complaining about a sore throat. Check his head - Damn a fever. Off to the Janeway we head...luckily we were only in there for about an hour. Not bad at ALL from start to finish. Diagnosis of a virus with a possibility of they swabbed his throat and now we are home. NONE of the children are asleep yet as I am fairly sure Jacob is going to be home tomorrow. Thank God Mom and Dad can babysit :)

But it is now 10:48 and I am it's time for stories and cuddles with Jacob, a nice goodnight to Jennifer and a rippy roary eyed fight with William to PLEASE FINISH your homework for goodness sakes and GO TO BED!!

LOL!! What a fun life.