Saturday, October 13, 2007

On the mend

The hospital called us this morning...Jacob's lab results came back positive for strep throat. Which REALLY pisses me off because I TOLD them at the hospital that he had an infection and they didn't believe me. So he was 24 hours without antibiotics. SO not right...the poor little thing suffered so much...and he is still not very stack there. He is still screaming at night and he won't eat hardly at all. If he is no better by Monday then I am marching back up to the Doctor.

In other news...we have our new beds!! WOO!! I have been wanting a new bed FOR.EVER. Ours was springy and old and lumpy and it hurt my back every single night. Last week Cohen's had a sale on so we bit the bullet and bought a Queen size bed for us and a single bed for Will and for Jacob. Three new beds!! We can't afford it really but holy crap what a difference it is making to our sleep. So in the end, I guess they are worth it :)

Neil came by this morning and took Jacob with him to the dump. He dragged all of the old beds out and piled them in his truck and then bundled Jacob up and took him for a ride. he was thrilled! so now Jennifer is out shopping, William is on the computer and Mom is in the living room coloring with Jacob. That reminds me...I must take a picture of that :)