Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday week!

Yes thats right, it's been the week of Jacob's SIXTH birthday. I know that we all say this every year but holy moly...WHERE has the time gone?? I have to say that a part of me is so relieved to have gotten to this point. It hasn't been the easiest six years, we have gone through so much emotionally, physically, financially. Jacob has been a wonderful, frustrating, amazing, sweet, maddening challenge. But I think we are at the light at the end of that long tunnel. After six years of wondering WHERE the hell we managed to find someone as spirited and headstrong as Jacob, the time is finally here that we can look at him and say "THERE'S our boy" :) I am so ridiculously proud and in love with him, I wouldn't trade him for the world :)

So on Sunday past we had his party with the family. We offered him a party with his classmates and friends but he decided that he would much rather go out to eat and then come home to have the house decorated, his cake and all of the family here. Excellent! So thats what we did...and it was SO much fun. He got sooooooo many presents and he was thrilled with every signle one of them. The best by far was the wrestling ring that Neil, Sheryl, Corey and Amanda gave him. He opened it and looked at it and was in complete shock. He hugged the box and said "This was SO EXPENSIVE. I NEVER thought I would get THIS" and then he shook his head and stared at it and whispered "I'll never beat this up" LOL!! James got all teary eyed and had to leave the room LOL!!

His actual birthday was Wednesday the 17th and he came home from school all excited because he was the days "Birthday Boy" and he got a present from his teacher AND they sang happy birthday to him TWICE AND "you're not going to believe this Mommy, but in gym during announcements, Mrs. Elkins (the Principal) said my NAME and Happy Birthday to Jacob Moore who is in Grade 1 and is six years old today. Me Mommy...she said MY name!!" LOL!!

So it was a good week.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had Jacob back for his follow up appointment about his throat and it is STILL infected so more antibiotics. And I have it now too. Lovely. Both of us with strep throat. Thank God its not too bad now, by Wednesday's birthday we were both on the mend :)