Friday, June 20, 2008

The night before the Wedding

It is Friday night. Corey and Amanda are getting married tomorrow. It has been a long time coming I must say but I am SO SO excited about it all.

And you know, I am excited for Corey. I really am. He is my brother and I love him more than words could ever say. Corey has always been MY boy. MY baby brother...everythin
g focused on him in my eyes for so long - I even went to his high school graduation with him, Mom, Dad and Corey's date. You have to love prom in Newfoundland, it is such a family affair LOL!! When I was lonely in Ottawa, Corey is who I called to come up with me, When my life was falling apart, I cried on Corey's shoulder...

Anyway...yes, it is all about Corey. And then Amanda came alon
g and stole his heart and his soul...and in the process, she stole ours. How cool is that?? So while tomorrow my brother gets married and I am so thrilled and happy for him...This lovely girl that he chose to marry? SHE is who I am standing beside and SHE is who I am more than thrilled for.

Funny how that works eh? He
gains a wife and I gain more than a sister in law...I gain a friend and a true SISTER.

It doesn't
get any better than that :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What the hell...????

Seriously...just WHAT. THE. HELL???

Jacob is sick. On Friday he had such horrible cramps in his stomach and was throwing up so his family doc made us rush down to the Janeway thinking that it could be appendicitis. After 5 hours of tests and observation the pain was still bothering him but they decided that it wasn't serious. Probably just a gastro bug. Lovely.

Saturday night about 2:30 a.m. he woke up SCREAMING about his arm - he couldn't move his wrist. He was just crying and shaking, he was in so much I wrapped it in a bandage and gave him Tylenol thinkking, I cannot go back down to the hospital they will say I am hurting him! So he woke up fine, pain was gone...Sunday night he started limping. LIMPING!! WTF?? He went to bed ok and then 4 a.m got ip screaming in pain again. He just fell to the floor, couldn't walk.... My mommy mind went where no mothers mind should go - I headed straight for leukemia and then menegitis and God knows what was horrible...

So yesterday morning he was due to get his cast off so we went to the Janeway and I took him right to Emergency first. I had to get to the bottom of this because I was in a blind panic. After another batch of bloodwork the doc said he had parvovirus or Fifth Disease that had manifested in him like it would in an adult - in the joints. So the virus is zinging from joint to joint, doing its worst and then moving on to the next one. It's harmless in the long run and easily controlled by Motrin but still...holy SHIT what a time of it we had.

He is home again from school today - his cast is off (yay!) and he is pumped up on ibuprofin. Poor little bird. This morning it was his shoulder...

And we have a wedding in FOUR DAYS.

GAHH!! Why now????

Sunday, June 8, 2008

When girls go wild....

Oh dear...oh dear oh head hurts. And my stomach feels wobbly. And I have raccoon eyes because I slept in my makeup. And standing up too quickly makes my knees weak. And if I even look at the wine in my fridge I want to throw up.

But holy crap was it EVER WORTH IT!!!!!

Take 17 girls, pour copious amounts of booze into them, put them all on a big, crazy travelling party machine for 2 straight hours and play "Low", "girls just wanna have fun", and "SexyBack" (to name a few), then drop them off at a rocking bar downtown and you have the recipe for a wild and crazy time.

We had the BEST time at Amanda's Stagette. Seriously SERIOUSLY fun. It was low key until the Party Bus showed up...and then we started rolling down the highway, the music went on blast, the liquor started to flow and we were ON'ER. LOL!!!What a fun, awesome time. That Party Bus was worth every penny.

I was worried that Amanda wouldn't have fun. To be honest, the staggette was actually causing me more stress than the wedding itself. It's alot of pressure to be in charge of another woman's last big blast as a single woman...but I need not have worried, we were all together, we were all laughing and singing and dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking some more - it was perfect.

Pictures to follow as soon as I retrieve my camera from Amanda's I think I'll go lie down for a minute. There is an annoying throb over my left eye that is punishing me for all that wine. Or perhaps the, was the shooters. Definitely the shooters....

Friday, June 6, 2008

In the Homestretch...

For the end of school that is.

Man what a year. Jacob has been fine. He loves school. But WILLIAM?? OMG how annoying can one child be? Especially about school. I mean, I know, I know...he's a teenager and groaning and moaning comes naturally. But seriously. This year has been downright painful.

I wouldn't mind if he was doing badly or if he didn't understand what was going on or if he was being bullied or SOMETHING. But he is a big gronk of a child that nobody would be foolish enough to pick on...and even if they did he really wouldn't care so it wouldn't last long.

As for marks well he has a freakin' 95 average!! 'Nuff said.

No, William's problem is twofold. 1. He is bored. He is bored and unchallenged and he is really too mature for his own good. The usual 12-13 year old boy antics do NOT appeal to him in any way shape or form...and then of course 2. He is inherently lazy.

Combine the two and you have a recipe for a very very very annoying child who hates school for a hundred different reasons and who (if I was going to be completely honest) really could do just as well not being there....(shhhhh...don't tell William that for God's sakes).

2 more weeks....2 more weeks...lather, rinse, repeat....