Sunday, June 8, 2008

When girls go wild....

Oh dear...oh dear oh head hurts. And my stomach feels wobbly. And I have raccoon eyes because I slept in my makeup. And standing up too quickly makes my knees weak. And if I even look at the wine in my fridge I want to throw up.

But holy crap was it EVER WORTH IT!!!!!

Take 17 girls, pour copious amounts of booze into them, put them all on a big, crazy travelling party machine for 2 straight hours and play "Low", "girls just wanna have fun", and "SexyBack" (to name a few), then drop them off at a rocking bar downtown and you have the recipe for a wild and crazy time.

We had the BEST time at Amanda's Stagette. Seriously SERIOUSLY fun. It was low key until the Party Bus showed up...and then we started rolling down the highway, the music went on blast, the liquor started to flow and we were ON'ER. LOL!!!What a fun, awesome time. That Party Bus was worth every penny.

I was worried that Amanda wouldn't have fun. To be honest, the staggette was actually causing me more stress than the wedding itself. It's alot of pressure to be in charge of another woman's last big blast as a single woman...but I need not have worried, we were all together, we were all laughing and singing and dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking some more - it was perfect.

Pictures to follow as soon as I retrieve my camera from Amanda's I think I'll go lie down for a minute. There is an annoying throb over my left eye that is punishing me for all that wine. Or perhaps the, was the shooters. Definitely the shooters....


Wendy Sommers said...

Hello girlie!! You've been busy I see! Backhelorette (your hangovers are the same as mine! LOL), broken bones with Jacob....Jen's work catastrophe....I have no idea how you keep it all together.

I miss you! We must chat soon.

take care my friend. w xoxo