Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Didn't Do it

That will be the name of the scrapbook page..I Didn't Do it.

You know, I really should learn my lesson. Didn't the great vaseline adventure teach me anything? Oh no...most definitely not. I need to tattoo this to my forehead "Jacob Quiet = BAD"

What is this you may ask? What is he into now?? Why BANANAS of course? Can't you tell by the ooey, gooey mess he is in? Bananas...of ALL things. And people wonder why my hair is going grey....

Two boys fighting

I realized that I didn't go into much detail about Jacob and William's fight yesterday. It was a snow day you see...the second one in less than a week and they were feeling trapped and on each others nerves. At least, thats my theory anyway.

So apparently, Jacob was in the rec room throwing a ball with one of his friends. William was not pleased about this fact and yelled at him to stop. Jacob - being Jacob screamed "I won't! You shut up!" Of course William being William - he grabbed the ball and held it over his head saying "You're not getting this back!" Thats when the real trouble started...Jacob picked up the closest thing to him - which happened to be a CD and let it fly at Will...caught him right below the right eye. DAMN those things can do some damage! William screamed and ran for JAcob and tackled him and proceeded (according to my Mom who rushed downstairs) to stomp on him with his foot. Keeping in mind that William is oh a good 150 pounds and Jacob is about 60 - it was a fairly uneven match.

So Mom and Dad seperated them and Mom gave William a tongue banging for hurting Jacob - meanwhile blood was running down Williams face from the cut under his eye, Jacob was screaming and flipping out and their friends ran for cover. And THAT is when I got called home.

So last night at 10:30 p.m. Mom called me in tears saying "Tell William I am so sorry for yelling at him today! I didn't mean to be so mad" And I tell William and he goes "Well Jacob deserved it anyway"

Ahhhh....all in a day's work eh?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

End of the first day

Well my first day as an official blogger has been fairly normal - filled with work and children and refereeing fights between the boys, cooking supper and finally getting on the computer once all hands are in bed. See? My life is SO boring...every day is pretty much the same LOL

Jacob was in fine form today. This morning he was so quiet, I was so happy to have a nice few moments to myself but I KNEW...I KNEW that he was up to something. So I was just raising myself off of the couch when he sauntered in calm as could be - his face COATED with various shades of lipstick, eyeliner, mascara (do you know how hard it is to scrub waterproof mascara out of a five year olds eyebrows?? - it's HARD let me tell you). I didn't want to make a big deal out of it so I said quite calmly "Oh, so you found some makeup did you?" "Yes", he says "I look like Hawk now!" he wants to look like a wrestler...niiiiice.

So I soak my makeup ridden child in the bath and then I go work and get called home - see previous post. Everything is all back to normal when I get there...except of course for William sporting a nice big cut under his eye from a CD flung angrily out of Jacob's hands. Lovely. I go upstairs and notice that Jacob's bedroom is in a state so I start to pick it up...and notice that the Game Cube games are MISSING. Just missing...well this is a I call out to Jacob and ask him where they could possibly be. Oh, he says, I forgot about that. And over he goes to the dresser and opens up a big crock of Vaseline (WHY WHY WHY was that even IN there??) and says "Here they are! I put them in here!"

YEs, he shoved TEN gamecube games fully into a full crock of vaseline. They are literally GLUED together in this sticky, icky mess. We spent a full half hour just cleaning the darn things up.

Note to self: Next time, get the games out of the room...and while you are at it, take the vaseline too.

First real post my first real post is a rant...and it's a rant about my sons so be prepared..

WHY oh WHY as SOON as I leave the house do those two hoodlems ALWAYS turn into monsters?? WHY??? It is SO not right for me to go to work and have Mom call and tell me that she cannot handle the two of them together and that she is tired and that she can't deal with it anymore. Damnit...*I* can't deal with this for much longer! There is just no need for those two to be at this's a Snow Day people! Get out of the house, stop picking and barking at one another and go play!

Ugh, some days, I just cannot reconcile working full time and trying to raise three children - well, one's almost raised but still....

Hey it worked!

Well well worked!

Now...I just need to figure out how to do everything else - add pictures especially. I like the idea of putting things into one spot. I've never been one to journal or keep a diary becasue I figure I am too damn boring, but you know, this seems ok. Jenn says that it will be nice for me to have a spot to just type out things that are on my mind. She claims that it will help me de-stress. HA! Like that is even possible! do I edit my "About Me" stuff I to check!

So this is what my BLOG looks like

Ok...I'm doing this on a whim and COMPLETELY confused about it all. Maybe Jennifer can help me later on...but right now I figure I'll post and muddle through. I don't like this template very much but it will do for do you find different ones I wonder?

OK...I'm going to post this and see what happens LOL