Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finally! Some answers! Ala Dave B.

I recently read your latest blog entry, and hate to see you in such turmoil. With this in mind, here are the answers to the ten questions that seem to be giving you so much trouble:
1. Yes, it is.

2. Yes, it is.

3. I have them. I have this thing for socks.

4. Because you've been brainwashed by their asinine little ditties. Its the same reason I once caught myself humming the Playtex tampon jingle while walking through the Village mall.

5. Answer to both parts: he keeps his nuts in a little jar by his bed.

6. Everything tastes better when your Mom makes it. If your Mom made you a dogcrap sandwich, it would still taste like dogcrap, but would (in your mind) be far superior to other dogcrap sandwiches (assuming you had some basis for comparison).

7. Mob mentality; its not the cost savings, its because everyone else seems to be doing it, so the lemmings figure all those people can't be wrong.

8. Its one of those recessive gene things; if you and James weren't so frigging calm, Jacob wouldn't have to pick up the slack for you two

.9. They run a disproportionately high number of Playtex tampon ads during that particular show; see question #4.

10. Those are not their children; they're being abducted. Call the police.

There you have it - you're welcome.
Dr. Baker

Monday, May 14, 2007

Things that I just don't understand...

1. I have seen Return of the King 25 times now...and every single time Aragorn utters the phrase "My friends, you bow to no one" my heart skips a beat and burst into tears...sobbing uncontrollably. Isn't it about time I stopped that?

2. Why is it that every single morning I still have to fight on William to get him to go to school?? He's 12!! I've been playing this game wih him for 7 years now...isn't it about time that he realized that yes he IS going to school no matter how much he moans?

3. Why do I have so many odd socks? Where are the matches???

4. Why do I hate the PussyCat Dolls and everything they stand for and everything that they represent but yet I know the words to almost all of their hit songs?

5. How does Chris Martin from Coldplay get his voice so high? And WHY does his voice go right through me and give me cold shivers?

6. Why do sandwiches taste so much better when Mom makes them?

7. Why do people go insane filling up their cars with gas right before the price goes up a PENNY? Is that 40 cents SO important that you have to wait in a lineup at the station to make sure you get gas at the "bargain price"?

8. Why is Jacob trying to drive me to the mental one tantrum at a time? I'm calm enough, his father is calm...where does all of this ANGER come from??

9. Why can't I get enough of House M.D?

10. Why do people still smoke in their cars with children in the backseat?? Seriously...why??

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dropping off one more page

I have another one too but I can;t post it yet. On a whim I entered it in an online contest at There is no way I will win but I thought it would be fun to try...I'll post it next month after the contest is over :)

For now, there is this one - cousins!

The joys of Facebook

So I have a new addiction - Facebook. I can't believe the people on there that I know! 90% of my family memebrs under the age of 40 are there...which is WICKED becasue it is a quick and dirty way to get updates on everyone and share pictures and sing out and stuff...I am talking to old friends that I thought had forgotten about me...and meeting new's SO cool.

In other news...Jennifer has a job!!! WOO!!! I am so thrilled about it...and it is in a great spot too...just up over the hill at Home Hardware. James is salivating at the thought of a discount...we'll have to see about that one...