Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 More days of 2007

Well we are almost at the end of the road of 2007. Two more days and it will be a whole new year to look forward to. I must say, this year has gone SO fast...between work and the kids in school and keeping the house up time just seems to run away doesn't it? Hmmm...I wonder what the highlights of this year would be?

  • William starting grade 7 and Jacob starting grade 1. This meant that for the first year in about 20 or so, I had all hands in school full time. which meant a lovely late summer holiday for me. Yay!!
  • Hallie was born on August 7, 2007. She is growing like a weed and such a little doll. We all love her so much.
  • Jennifer started working at Home Hardware.
  • Matthew got remarried - again. tee hee.
  • Lily was born on March 5, 2007. Jennifer and Williams FIRST first cousin. Another doll for us to love and adore. What IS it about these little girls???
  • On a sad note, James' mom died in June 2007. She was very very ill and at the end her death was expected, but it was terribly sad nonetheless.
  • I turned 37, James turned 39.
  • Jennifer hit the downtown scene with a vengeance as she turned 19 this year.
  • William went into his last year as a "tween", turning 12 in February.
  • Jacob went officially into a school ager as he turned 6 in October.
  • Mom and dad FINALLY retired this year. Their last day of work was in November and they are absolutely LOVING not having to go in and clean anymore.
  • Lots of wedding planning this year as Corey and Amanda are getting married on June 23, 2008. I love wedding planning!
  • Lindsey and Jamie got married and are now expecting little Nolan Gray in March. All of these babies!! So exciting!
  • To top off the year our roof went on the house. We are still awaiting proper fixing as the snow has made it impossible to get up there, but at least it will be done when the spring comes.
  • we had a wonderful Christmas and we will have a great New Year. Bring on 2008!!
What a great list...I think I will turn it into a scrapbook page :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's too early for this!!

You know, we have had green Christmases since I started scrapbooking...I would say thats about 5 years now. We have had SOME snow but certainly nothing big and never barely enough to make it look like Christmas. Until now. December 12 and we get socked with 25 cms. It's too EARLY!!! I'm not READY!!

Although it does look gorgeous out there...all white and soft and quiet. And with Christmas around the corner it DOES add an air of festiveness I suppose. Ok fine...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

In other news Jacob had his christmas concert on Monday night! He was a red candy cane on candy cane lane. It was SO sweet. I would post pictures but my camera was just pissing me off and not taking nice pictures - the flash would work and then not work and it would focus and then not focus...piss me nice pictures. But I swear...he was UBER cute!

Jennifer is finished exams...woohoo!!

William got a filling yesterday and now his cheek is he is doing a lot of complaining.

And thats my life - boring as usual LOL!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

When it rains it pours

Damn the rain...and the snow. And then the rain that melts the snow!!!!

My house is leaking. Quite badly in fact. **SIGH** I woke last night to the sound of RUNNING water...oh yes, it was running from Jacob's room ceiling and making a huge puddle on the floor. Then I looked and it was beating in through the top of his window as well. I was SO upset...James came home and after a good long talk and a few tears from me we decided that the best thing to do would be to cash in the RRSP's and get the roof completely re-done.

I was so proud of that little pot of savings we had too you know?? It was a little bit of hope in an otherwise bleak outlook on the future. Oh well, what can you do...I guess we are lucky that we HAVE the money put away and we can use it if we have to and you know, the kids are all healthy and happy and warm and fed and dry. Thats all that really matters right?

I do say though...I must have been some bad AWFUL person in my other life...cause I am most definitely being punished for it bit by bit in this life.

What a cheerful entry this turned out to be. Oh well. Gotta take the good with the bad :)