Friday, June 20, 2008

The night before the Wedding

It is Friday night. Corey and Amanda are getting married tomorrow. It has been a long time coming I must say but I am SO SO excited about it all.

And you know, I am excited for Corey. I really am. He is my brother and I love him more than words could ever say. Corey has always been MY boy. MY baby brother...everythin
g focused on him in my eyes for so long - I even went to his high school graduation with him, Mom, Dad and Corey's date. You have to love prom in Newfoundland, it is such a family affair LOL!! When I was lonely in Ottawa, Corey is who I called to come up with me, When my life was falling apart, I cried on Corey's shoulder...

Anyway...yes, it is all about Corey. And then Amanda came alon
g and stole his heart and his soul...and in the process, she stole ours. How cool is that?? So while tomorrow my brother gets married and I am so thrilled and happy for him...This lovely girl that he chose to marry? SHE is who I am standing beside and SHE is who I am more than thrilled for.

Funny how that works eh? He
gains a wife and I gain more than a sister in law...I gain a friend and a true SISTER.

It doesn't
get any better than that :)