Saturday, October 20, 2007

My funny William

I have to write this down because you know me, I'll forget it next week.

William had his first English test this week. He had to know 6 short stories and the author of each, all of his literary terms and then he had to answer three questions on an unseen short story. I was a bit worried because this is his first time actually doing a "real" English exam and I wasn't sure how he would handle the time pressure and whatnot.

So we studied together and I quizzed him and we talked about how to answer the questions yada yada yada...

He comes home and tells me the test went well. Next day I asked him if he had gotten his test back yet and he said:
"No,but Mr. Mercer told us that most people did really poorly and that only two people actually answered the questions the way they were supposed to be answered and he read out one person's test that was the ideal way to answer a question...the one about conflict in the story"
"Oh man, William", I say "how do you think you did on that question then?"
And completely deadpan, not even a smile and with a shrug as he is pouring his milk, he says: "Well I suppose I must have done alright seeing as it was MY ANSWER he read out"

And he came out with a 94% - second highest mark in the class...and he was rotted about the fact that the "other guy" got a 95%

LOL!!!!! Gotta love him eh?