Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's turkey day!! Well technically, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day but we celebrate on Sunday because it is easier to cook a big turkey on Sunday.

I however, will be cooking no turkey as we are all headed over to moms for a feast this year (and well...every year, Christmas, thanksgiving - always at Moms...but I digress). I have decided that I am going to eat breakfast and then try to not eat for the rest of the day because I want to positively gorge myself tonight....let's see how THAT goes shall we? LOL!!

So it is 8:20 a.m. and Jacob has already been up for over an hour....even though he didn't drop to sleep last night until almost 11. I swear that child just does NOT need much sleep. Must be nice - I am sitting here falling asleep sitting up. Will is still in bed and Jennifer was out to a wedding last night but she has to work at 10 so I assume I will hear her puttering around soon.

Right! Off to fill myself up on breakfast...I wonder if there is any bacon left in the fridge....??


Dawn said...

Hope that you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (I can't wait until it's time for ours!)