Thursday, May 1, 2008

So...about Supernatural

I know I know, lame lame lame to be writing about a TV show. But you know, sometimes, something comes along and just blows you away and makes you feel good and you enjoy and for me...this show is it.

Let me preface by saying that I was an X-Files junkie. I was completely head over heels in love with the program. Matthew and I would watch it together and it was our time together - every Sunday night - X-Files night. When he left, I almost couldn't bear to watch it by myself. It was just too weird to be sitting there alone watching Mulder and Scully and not be able to talk to anyone about what was going on.

James and I never really had anything like that. I mean, we watched TV and he had his shows that he liked and I had mine, but there was never one that we completely made our own you know? One that we looked forward to every week - not just for the brilliance of the program but for the very idea of dedicating time specifically to be together and enjoy something together.

And then this winter I stumbled upon a YOu TUbe clip of a CW show called "Supernatural" - and I was intrigued. So intrigued that I started looking for more clips...and I loved what I saw. So I rented the first DVD of the First season...and I was a GONER. James came home one evening and asked me what I was watching and I told him to sit with me...and HE was a goner. From that day forward we watched a show a night. When the Season 2 DVD's ran out we frantically searched for online downloads of Season 3...James would come home from work at about 11:30 p.m. and we would sit at the laptop, fascinated with those gorgeous Winchester brothers. Demons, urban legends, good versus was all simply awesome.

Finally...after ten years together we found our show. LOL!!! Such a silly thing really but you know it has done us some good. Where before we couldn't find the time to barely say hello in the hallway, now we have a full hour together. And it goes beyond that hour as we spend time discussing and wondering and re-living episodes that we enjoyed the most...its just a good thing.