Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Man I suck

Seriously. I suck at blogging. I also suck at journalling - both handwritten and online. Basically, I don't really like writing about myself because I think I am boring - and whiny. Who wants to read boring and whiny?? Not me thats for sure...

So I had a bad winter. A very bad winter. A very very very bad winter. I had no motivation (as evidenced by my 365 - poor pitiful thing) I had no joy, no scrapbooking, hardly any photos, no happiness, no nothing. I was just blah. Existing, going through the motions, smiling appropriately and just feeling blah. It is the weather I think...or perhaps the darkness and lack of light. Or maybe I just needed to wallow in self pity for a few months...either way I am feeling better, starting to get my mojo back and looking forward to the bright happy cheerful days of summer. Yay me!

So today is the day, today I am back! I have that little niggling feeling in the back of my head about scrapbook pages I want to do. I am SUPER excited about new episodes of my favorite TV shows that are playing...yeah that will be another blog entry I think...the boys are getting excited about the end of school so they are happier, Jennifer is finished exams...things are looking up!

Now if I can just motivate myself to blog more often....


cheribear said...

Winter is hard and long and makes us miserable. Getting the snow tires off my van today gave me a thrill. Spring brings new hope and ambition, for sure!