Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 in the Making

Well it's a new year. A new year but I am the same. My house is the same, my kids are the same, my husband is the same, my job is the same and my family is the same.

Thank God.

I don;t deal with change well. it may be a new year but everything is on track to just continue the way it is going and I am thrilled with that. Nothing major coming up. well...except a new baby for Jamie and Lindsey, a wedding for Corey and Amanda and a big trip to Colorado for me in September...but those are changes I am thrilled to look forward to. :)

So what then are my plans for 2008? How am I going to make this year better than all the rest?

Well right now there are three things:

1. I am eating better and trying to lose weight. Now for God's sakes don't tell anyone. Especially my mother. I love her to bits but if she got wind of the fact that I am actively trying to lose weight she would glom onto it and never let it go. I need to do this for myself and without any added pressure from anyone outside. So this little factoid is just here for posterity. Yes, I am actively trying to lose weight. Now, we shall never speak of this again.

2. I want to really get back into scrapbooking. I haven't scrapped since October and my fingers are staring to itch. I NEED to be in my scrap-room. I need the paper and the glue and the smell of it all. I need to get my new camera and REALLY start learning how to use it and take awesome pictures. I have a goal in mind and I refuse to let it go so once I get everything organized then I am going to really start in and get those pictures scrapped.

3. I am planning to be more organized. Anyone can tellyou that my house is a crazy lunatic bin. Between the kids and their friends and my family and our cats and the toys and the STUFF....well this is a busy busy spot. And because it is so busy, things can get I am becoming versed in the art of making lists - and sticking to them. You know, this may be harder than trying to lose weight!

Oh and a number 4 - I am officially a new Grey's Anatomy convert. This year I plan on buying all three seasons and watching all three seasons. Such a little thing...but ohhhhhh gives me so much pleasure. And we all need a little pleasure in our lives. Don't you think?


Brook said...

These sound like some great goals. I know that you will achieve them! I'm here to cheer you on!