Monday, May 26, 2008

What a week!

Man does time ever fly! Last week went by so fast that I didn;t even have a chance to enjoy it!

We had a bit of bad news last week too. Sheryl and Neil lost their baby. Sheryl was 12-13 weeks along and something went wrong and she miscarried. It is all very sad and was pretty scary at the same time. Thankfully she is back home and doing fine...physically. Emotionally, it is not an easy thing to deal with so we'll wait and see on that one. I do feel so bad for them both though...

In other news, we have just 4 weeks til the wedding...and you know what that means?? That means a) Crunch time with getting everything ready and last minute details and b) stag and stagette!!! Woo fun times fun times. I think Amanda is a bit nervous about Coreys LOL!! I'm sure it will be fine though...and as for hers well I am trying my best to plan it but I really suck at this stuff so I have some helpers. We have the party bus rented so thats cool and then I think just drinking, drinking, more drinking, party bus for 2 hours and then downtown. There. Stagette planned! now I just have to invite people....