Friday, May 2, 2008

The sound of screaming

Have you ever heard a sound quite as shocking and piercing and annoying as a young boys screams of rage? No seriously...nails on a chalkboard are one thing, jackhammers another, the screams of fighting cats perhaps...honestly, I don't think there is anything quite so jarring as a childs screams - not of anguish but of pure hatred and rage.

Thats what I was dealing with last night...when Jacob realized that he had homework to do that MIGHT take him more than 15 seconds to complete. He had to write a story, a story about a pet robot. I even sat with him and told him what letters to write..but oh no, he was having NONE of it. And so the screams started...and kept going and going and going. *SIGH* I do wonder how his throat can take such abuse though, I mean I let out once screetch at the kids and my throat is immediately scratchy. Maybe I don't do it often enough eh?

So 45 minutes after it started - it stopped. He wrote while sobbing...and then at the second sentence he stopped sobbing and got interested. FIVE sentences is all he had to write:

I have a pet Robot named Jake. I got Jake at Walmart. Jake can lift things. He makes me my snacks. I love having a pet robot.

All that screaming and crying and raging and burst eardrums and beating himself up. Over THAT. Worth it?? I hardly think so. What a strange silly boy I have.