Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blockbuster and Jennifer - the Saga

Man Blockbuster is pissing me off lately. I am seriously considering writing a strongly worded letter...

Jennifer works there you see...and she LOVES it. Absolutely loves it. No problems, likes the people, likes the hours, everything is wonderful. At the end of the school year this year she decided to make a few changes. She was exploring her individuality I guess and thought to do something different for the summer. So she wanted her hair streaked. problem, I paid $120 for it as a "Yay for a great semester" gift and she got blue streaks put in her blonde hair.

Yes, blue.

And it looked SO cute!

Then she went a step further and decided to get her lip pierced. I was a bit offy on this one so I told her to go talk to her Manager at Blockbuster to make sure it wouldn;t be a problem. He told her that it would be fine as long as it wasn't too big and noticeable. So off she goes to spend $90 of her own money on a relatively painful, yet oh-so adorable piercing of her lip - well actually it below the center of her bottom lip - not in her lip, more like just above the cleft of her chin.

Very cute indeed.

So now I have this blue haired, lip pierced, purple glasses, cool scarved daughter.

And Blockbuster FREAKED. *SIGH*

The hair had to go, the piercing was too noticeable (seriously, this thing is the smallest little round ball I have ever seen). OK, well you can wear a bandaid on your chin to cover the pircing but the hair still has to be fixed...our customers don't appreciate that look.

This is BLOCKBUSTER mind you...a freaking MOVIE store.

So she gave in on the hair - went back to the hairdresser and paid ANOTHER $100 to have the blue changed. Of course the only way to change the blue is to go all now my once blonde Jennfer is burgundy/chocolate brown. She changed the ball on the lip to a clear one...not good enough, their eyebrows are still down.

What the hell???? They SAID it was fine, she changed her hair and now they are still giving her grief!

Man...a strongly worded letter indeed...I am getting madder by the minute.