Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you hear what I hear....??

Noise. Sound. Have you ever stopped to really listen to what's going on around you? Today I took a a moment. Just a small moment and I opened my ears to what was around me:

- birds must be more than 10 because it is a chorus of chirping. Birds calling to one another, come see my nest! come feed my babies! Look at me! Look what I can do! here I am!

- Above the din of small birds a crow is calling - harsher, deeper - caw! caw!

- the river is rolling over the rocks and splashing on the banks, I can hear it from the back door just rushing down the river bed.

- children are playing in the front. Little girls are squealing, boys are calling out to one another. I think they must be playing basketball because ever now and again the ball bangs loud on the backboard.

- skateboards and scooters are out in force. The wheels grind on the pavement...

- a car passes by. No..not a car. It is a motorcycle...the engine revs loud.

- my back door is open, the wind takes it for a second and the hinges squeak in protest.

Suddenly, I hear another sound. Footsteps pounding on the stairs and then "Mom!! I need my water gun!!" Jacob turns the corner and throws himself into my arms. All sound disappears as my other sense takes over. He smells like sunshine and little boy sweat and BabyFaces suntan lotion SPF 50. I breathe him in before he rushes away again...

Sometimes, I think I notice too much. I feel too much...too strongly. But on this day I stopped and I listened and I noticed...

Summer. Summer is finally here. I never thought we would make it.