Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Trouble with Food

The trouble with food is that I have too many children that eat me out of house and home. WHO knew that having one teenager plus one tween plus one kindergartener would involve SO MUCH bloody food??? I swear to God if they had their way I would be chained to the kitchen destined to only serve them. It is midnight...MIDNIGHT and William is in bed moaning about being hungry....and see...they know I can't deal with that. They know my biggest nightmare is having hungry down I trek to the kitchen to get him a cut up apple with peanut butter. He asked for ice cream. YES B'Y! Ice cream at this time of night. I don't think so mister, not on my watch. It's an apple or nothing.

Jacob - God love him, Jacob decided that right before bed he was hungry...and then wanted cauliflower. Now I should know to keep it on hand because he loves it so much, but you know, it's gone and I haven't been to the supermarket to buy more. So he throws a fit. Good lord what 5 year old throws a fit over vegetables??? Know what appeased him? I dare you to guess....nah, you won't get it. Broccoli. He was satisfied with a head of broccoli. O-K..whatever works there Cujo - eat your broccoli.

It's a good thing Jennifer is out tonight, otherwise by this time I would be hearing the pop of popcorn...and smelling it would make me hungry. I think she is addicted to popcorn... I'm hungry. I wonder what's in the fridge for me to eat?


Christy said...

Mmmm apple with peanut butter sounds good.

Laura said...

Broccoli...your kid likes broccoli - you are so lucky.

Chris Wasielewski said...

LOL. I'm totally laughing at the thought of seeing you up with two boys at midnight. One wanting ice cream and one wanting Cauliflower. Hmmm.... I think that's a conversation for a scrap page!


Lisa said...

Ha! J tells me, "Mama, I don't actually like broccoli. You like broccoli, but I don't." He'd be the one up asking for ice cream at midnight. Or fruit snacks. Or anything loaded with sugar.