Monday, February 5, 2007

Oh darn it

So Jennifer has had her first fender bender in the car *insert big tragic sigh here* And really, the term "fender bender" is innappropriate...more like "fender scratch-fender dent"...the dent being on the other guys car. According to Jennifer and William (who was in the car with her) she inched out to see around a snowbank because she was turning right...the guy coming down the opposite side saw her inching and hit his brakes and slid on the snow into her lane and thus into her...but they were both going so slow that it was literally a scrape and a tap. Problem is that I can't figure out whose fault it is...Jennifer swears she was not turning and into his lane because of the snow...but the scratch is on the drivers side bumper of our car so it makes sense to say that she WAS into the turn and he scraped his way down.

ACK...I don't know...all I know is that there is no damage on our car except for a small scrape on the bumper...and even if it IS her fault then we will deal with it the best we can...I just have pains in my stomach thinking about it *insert another big sigh here*.

I guess tomorrow will tell the tale, we have buddy's insurance information and he has ours so I will call our agent and see what the next steps are...I mean, I have a funny feeling that its going to be a he said-she said type deal...and if thats the case, is anyone going to believe an 18 year old girl and her 12 year old brother??


Chris Wasielewski said...

Oh darn it. That stinks. At least it sounds pretty mild. Hopefully the other guy won't be a turd about it.


Laura said...

I would believe them. :) Let's hope the guy isn't a schmuck.

justkc said...

I am glad it was such a mild fender bender!

ella6599 said...

Oh, that does stink. But at least no one was hurt, and, even if it was her fault, it won't ruin her life (says someone who totalled a car at 16!)