Thursday, August 7, 2008

That's OK buddy, you'll like me tomorrow....

Said by my father to my youngest son.

7 little words that made me stop in my tracks and shattered my heart into a gazillion pieces for a split second and then immediately made me feel SO hopeful and happy and loved. All in an instant.

Jacob had a bad evening. He was FINE for the longest while and then something in Walmart set him off and we had to drag him out. I know what it was, I remember was a toy wrestler that we had bought him just minutes before that he opened and was playing with and then all of a sudden he did not want it and wanted something else. Yeah. Like that would happen. So upon refusal he pitched a fit.

And I am PMS'ing bigtime and I am feeling very vulnerable and so it struck me hard. So when we got home he was still screaming and Mom called and heard him and within ohhhh fifteen minutes my Dad was down, and he walked into the Living Room and looked at Jacob and the conversation was:

"Heeeeyyy buddy, whatcha doing?"
"What? what are you mad over? you want me to come sit with you?"
"NO!!! You go away!! I don't like you!!!"
"Oh that's ok buddy, you'll like me tomorrow"

And Jacob looked at him and Dad said "you want to come upstairs with me and watch TV?" And Jacob, formally mad as freaking hell said "OK" and went on upstairs like nothing happened.

And my heart broke for a minute. It was so pitiful and sad and heartbreaking - and yet at the same time, that patience! That calmness. That simplicity of thought and action from my father. It was like a lightbulb went off in my brain...and while part of me felt so sorry for myself and so sorry for HIM that his youngest grandson was just so unplesant to be around and so frustrating to be with - the other part of me stopped and listened and thought and stood in amazement as Dad took that child and loved him and listened to him and doted on him in SPITE of Jacob himself.

I guess you really NEVER stop learning from your parents. Especially with ones that are as smart as mine :)