Thursday, August 28, 2008

So my best friend has a girlfriend...

Anyone who knows me knows that my best friend is a guy named Dave. We worked out last night that we have been friends for 25 years now. Which is insane when you think about, I don't feel 25 years OLD let alone old enough to have a friend for that long...but yeah, thats what it is...I was in Grade 9 and he was in Grade 10 at a different school and it was literally friendship at first sight. Funnily enough I met him the same year I met I hang on to people for a long time don't I?

Trying to define our relationship is awkward. It's more than friendship...its that unmistakeable contentment of being with a person you can trust implicitly and tell all of your secrets too. Someone who is not a lover, nor has ever been...but yet there is an intimacy in our relationship that I have only felt with my husband ('s - sheesh). I can talk to Dave about anything and he does the same with me, even the miles from St. John's to Halifax which separate us now mean nothing. It is incredibly special and I wish everyone could have a friend like him - but not with him...because you know, that guy is mine.

And now a girl has entered his life. No, not just a girl...a girl with POTENTIAL. A girl whose name brings a smile to his voice and a catch in his breath. A girl that makes his voice go soft and happy when he talks about her. And it is not me. It is not me and oh my goodness it is SO sweet. So sweet and I am so happy for him...and her. Because if she is smart (and I think she might be) she will realize what she has and hang on for dear life. And it is just the beginning of this relationship for him and truth be told, like many relationships it may not work out. There have been women in his life before, women he loved and loved him but this is the first time...the FIRST time I have ever seen him positively giddy. And even if it doesn't work out and she ends up breaking his heart (or him hers) I just want to thank her for these moments of absolute joy that I see in him.

So my best friend has a girlfriend. And I am so happy about it that I could squeal. Which I won't do of course but you know what I mean....