Friday, July 18, 2008

The things I need...

I need to print pictures.

I need to scrapbook.

I need coffee.

I need to talk to my husband.

I need Jacob's allergies to GO AWAY.

I need to get William out of the house.

I need Jennifer to come home from her trip safely.

I need to go see Hallie tonight.

I need to update my 365.

I need a night alone with James. Just the two of us.

I need a lot of things lately it seems. But you know, most of all...I need to get my happiness back. I need to stop fretting and worrying and wondering and being sad. I need to STOP being sad. I'm not depressed, I'm not forlorn or on the verge of a breakdown or anything like that. I am just....sad. Maybe melancholy is the right word...maybe it's the blues. Of course one would thinik that the blues would go away after a while, but's sticking around. Which is weird for me. I am a generally happy, well adjusted (all things considered) person. But lately. I have the blues.

Maybe if I work on my scrapbooks this weekend...yeah...get all gluey and sticky and play with paper and color. Yeah. That makes me feel a bit better. We'll have to see.