Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Message Boards and Me

I'm re-thinking my involvement on scrapbooking message boards. I have been on a few over the past five or so years and really I don't keep up well, don't comment on layouts in the galleries well and just mostly feel like an outsider looking in.

And you know, I feel pressure on those things. Pressure to scrap, pressure to create, pressure to have the newest products, the best pictures, the coolest pages. And really, that's not why I scrapbook. It just isn't. I love showing off my pages but I think I am seriously over the MB thing. I mean, let's be honest here - I rarely do a page without scraplifting or using a sketch. RARELY. I don't actually have a creative bone in my body and I have no eye for color I scraplift or use sketches or other inspiration and I am cool with that. But MB's expect more than that and I just don't have the time to give it.

I need to simplify. To quote Dr. Miranda Bailey - I need to look for the bigger picture.

So I have decided to drop my scrapping MB's. I will peep in every now and again to see what is going on and to check out the galleries but realistically, I'm out.

I have this friend. A very good friend named Wendy Sommers and she is on the design team for two scrapping blogs So Sketchy and Scrap Schemes

Those two sites are my new inspiration sites. I need simple, I need straightforward, I need inspiration and creativity and all of that other good stuff without feeling the pressure to be immersed and involved and posting comments and all of the other things MB's demand. I've been thinking long and hard about this because I have been a MB junkie for many years now. But I need this, and now that the decision has been made - I

So Ally and Shauna have a new recruit. Let the scrapping begin!!


ALLY said...

LOL!!! Thanks Melissa for your kind words! I hope you pop on over often! Enjoy all the sketches!