Monday, July 21, 2008

So I am on vacation!

Yay right?

Well no not so much. I suppose it's ok and all. Today was my first day off. Jacob woke me at 7:30 and we went downstairs so he could play. I poked around on the computer a bit and then looked around and thought - yeah. No.

So I cleaned. I did the laundry, hung two loads out on the line, packed and unpacked the dishwasher - TWICE. Fed the children, changed the sheets, washed the sheets and hung THEM on the line. Cleaned Will and Jacob's rooms, walked up to Mom's with Jacob, left Jacob with Tammy and Ben, came home and washed Jennifer's clothes AND prepared supper...called Tammy twice to make sure Jacob was ok. Went back up to Mom's to visit with Sheryl and Hallie who had come out for a while. Came back home, fed all three children, had my own supper, cleaned up and got mad with James for being late - again.

It is now...ohhhh...11:00 p.m and I have started a scrapbooking layout, gone to the bookstore and bought four books, gotten Jacob to sleep, and am now devouring my second glass of wine while conmtemplating opening another bottle.

Did someone say "vacation"??