Monday, November 5, 2007

ACK!! My Arteries!!

You know, falling back in fall and gaining that extra hour isn't all that its cracked up to be. The THOUGHT of gaining an extra hour of sleep was tempting, I'll give you that...but in reality, it threw everyone out of whack and made for a very uncomfortable, out of sorts, moany groany sleepy Sunday.

Everything was good up until about 6 a.m.- when Jacob decided it was time to get up for the day. The daylight was breaking and for him - it was rise and shine time. he played his game and I dozed next to him, no problem. Then James went to work and when he got back we went swimming at the Aquarena. After swimming we headed to Walmart and Jacob was hungry so we had MacDonalds for lunch. Now, I usually try to avoid eating there but today I was feeling hungry so I had a Big Mac Meal. Excellent.

Then we went home...which is where time seemed to suspend itself and we entered the Twilight Zone of darkness at 5 in the evening. The night was NEVER ENDING. I NAPPED at 4...NAPPED!! Me!! I never nap, it screws up my night sleep...but I napped and couldn't get myself up. Jacob was unusually good and quiet so James and I got enthralled with Conan the Barbarian. Now come on...CONAN?? I must have been in the twilight zome because I NEVER have any interest in those sorts of movies.

Jenn and Will went to Cle and Debbies for supper and I swear, James and Jacob and I roamed the house like stalkers. We went from one room to the other, looking at each other, searching the cupboards - am I hungry? No I just want to eat....but what? I have no idea...I just want to eat. Finally James handed me the phone book and said "Call something...anything. lets just get some food". Then Jacob says "I want shrimp!!" Jennifer had the car so James and I looked at each other and said "Ah fuck it" and we WALKED TO CHES'S...CHES's after a meal of MacDonalds not a few hours before!

My poor arteries...I can feel them clogging as we speak. And lets not talk about the 20 pounds that feast of chips, dressing and gravy on top of a Big Mac put on me.

Damn. It's all the clocks fault! I completely blame going back to standard time...there is just no other explanation!

The Ches's was some good though buddy.


Wendy said...

Hey girlie!! You're blogging again. Very, very cool. :) I miss u!