Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random thoughts today

So I LOVE the black of this template, but I was recently introduced to the glory that it Blogger templates on the web (Merci Beaucoup Jennifer Dawn) and I am thinking about changing this one up. I'll stick with the black but I may add some things. If I do I will have to change my title banner which sucks so we will have to see...therefore, a new template is more than likely forthcoming.

I have to say...I am LOVING doing this 365 project. Just LOVING it. I love taking new pictures everyday to represent my life. Its a good thing.

I haven't scrapped in weeks. Seriously, its been weeks. I have to get back into it, I'm starting to long for my scrapbooking room...thats always a good sign that I need to jump back into some paper and glue.

This wine is lovely. It's cheap but lovely.

I helped Jennifer write a Folklore paper this week....its titled "From Fear to Fantasy - the Evolution of Fairies in Tradition and Culture" Nice eh? I came up with the title...

Jacob had a good few days. YAY!! breathe a sigh of relief, knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder and turn around on the spot three times fast. It was a good three days. Let's see what the weekend brings.

I'm going out for lunch tomorrow! Nachos at Fog City...I'm drooling at the thought. AND work is paying for it because I am taking out some people that we work closely with. Can't get any better than free nachos!!

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad's last day of cleaning buildings for FOREVER. YAY Mom and Dad!!

And thats about it...I'm off to bed.


Dawn said...

Awww... I got a mention. I'm feelin' the love.

Nice template - me likey.