Monday, March 12, 2007

My week in a nutshell

  • Jacob gets the stomach flu
  • Jacob goes to Hospital because he is SO sick - all is well but he is still sick
  • William gets the stomach flu
  • Dad gets the stomach flu
  • Rebecca's baby is born! WOO!! Yay Lily is here!
  • Visit Rebecca and Lily - newborns- sigh!!!!
  • William has the Kiwanis Music Festival - yay! Second place in his category!
  • Talent show at the boys school
  • Education week activites all week for the boys
  • I get sick - NO stomach flu go away! No time!!
  • Jacob is doing well with his sticker chart
  • Jacob chooses to go bowling as his reward and completely flips out during the excursion - note to self: no more bowling as a reward
  • Two big reports at work
  • No time to scrapbook - boo-hoo! Going through withdrawls
  • All of the stress has made me snapish and waspish and I yell at my husband - ALOT
  • James and I make up - only to be thrown completely for a loop by Jacob freaking out and tearing the door off the Entertainment Center
  • Realize that I haven't updated the old BLOG in a week and so try to update it with a lame list that doesn't even come close to reflecting how crazy last week really was

And so....thats it in a nutshell...update tonight with pictures!


Lisa said...

Whoa. That's quite a week, both ups and downs.

Christy said...

Geez! I've been wondering where you've been off to. I hope that this week is a little calmer.

Nicki said...

Lisa is right, what a week! I hope this week is less hectic!