Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lord grant me Patience

Too bad these BLOG'S don't have smilies...there is a really good one of a person tearing their hair out and then another who spins in circles waving their arms madly...yeah...thats me...

I have come to the stark realization in a very short period of time that I am actually NOT going to escape much of the foolishness of puberty when it comes to William. Not only that, but he is going to be a BAAAADDDDD teenager. Stubborn??? OMG I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Last night I actually screamed at him for the fist time in months...literally screamed at him. The child would NOT move from the friggin' computer, he had to go to his Grandparent's house for supper ...I even gave him fair warning...he was on the computer for SIX hours straight and he HAD to move. His muscles are going to atrophy I swear...and he had the nerve to look at me and just say "No.I'm not going. I am not moving"

HA!! In your dreams mister!

So I unplugged the computer. So there. Take THAT you stubborn teenager you.

So off he went vicious. VICIOUS with me. And I didn't care.....well thats what I told him actuality I was heartbroken and out of sorts for the rest of the evening. But he didn't need to know that...

So he comes home and everything is ok, he's still crooked but he's smiling so thats a good sign. Then this morning JAcob goes down to play on the computer and William has locked him out. Deleted Jacob's account and put a password on his own account (Windows XP) with a hint that says "If I can't play on my computer no one can"

Where's that smilie of a person who's head is exploding??????

I'm not ready for this drama. The child needs his father. I don't care what anyone says. So Matthew if you are reading this - get your ass home. I'm not doing this alone buddy.


Lisa said...

{{{{HUGS}}}} No words of wisdom, as I'm still battling preschool boy drama. I hope things get better and William's teenage years aren't one long throwdown.

And wouldn't it be nice if we could use smilies on the blogs? I've thought that many times.

Christy said...

Oh no he didn't! (insert jaw dropping smiley here) Man, I do think that my head would have exploded.

Minty Fresh Mommy said...

Melissa - Wow, you definitely have your hands full!! {{hugs}}