Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's talk about junkie's

I was just going through my I-tunes playlist and it struck me as funny...I don't think I could say that I like a particular kind of music. I mean, lets see here, my playlist goes from GreenDay to Genesis to Neil Young to Rush to Justin Timberlake to the Dixie Chicks to Eminem to My Chemical Romance...there's no common bond! Well except for the fact that it is all good music that is LOL!! I even have a few Weird Al songs thrown in there for good measure. Now THAT is a talented guy...who would have ever thought someone could be SO clever with music??

Anyway, I am a music junkie...and a coffee junkie...and damn it all I loves my wine. Seriously love much so that I have to be VERY aware of how much I am drinking because the last thing I want to do is follow in certain family members footsteps and develop a full blown addiction to alcohol. That would mean that I would have to give up wine and there is NO way I will let that I monitor closely...funny when you think about it.

What else do I obsess over...well scrapbooking of course...thats a given.

And if I miss an episode of House or Criminal Minds I am off kilter for the rest of the week or until I see it. Now THAT is weird...

So I guess I am a junkie to many things...but you know, my passions are kind of what make me who I am...they define me in some ways...what I like and don't like, what makes me happy and gives me pleasure. Know those and you sort of know me :)