Friday, November 14, 2008

William's Thanksgiving Essay

So william came home a few weeks ago with a school assignment. He had to write an essay about Thanksgiving based on the idea that he could invite anyone in the world, dead or alive, past or present to eat with him and enjoy his company. Well William was livid about it. He claimed that there was no one he would EVER want to invite, the essay was dumb, the whole concept was foolish and what the hell would he talk about with a stranger anyway because he hates talkinv to people.

So I told him that he just had to pretend he was writing a story and to use his imagination. And write the way he thinks...easy right?

So he brought me the essay. All typed and ready to go. I took one read and told him that he could not pass it in, that it had to be re-written and that he had to do it completely differently. He was having none of it. So I told him to pass it in but to expect that he would be asked to re-write it.

He got it back yesterday. Not only was he not asked to write it over...but he got an A for creativity!

So without further is the essay. The essay written completely and 100% by my 13 year old son and passed in exactly as it is here. I'm keeping it for posterity.

Note: I apologize for this typed up rough draft. I didn't have the time to hand write seeing as it's currently 10:00 PM on Sunday and I didn't think of who to invite until basically five minutes ago. If it's REALLY that important then just take off however many marks the rough draft was worth. It is better for me to lose the marks than to try to write right now. Sorry.

Thinking up who I have to invite is pretty difficult for me. This paragraph took me awhile and I only really came up with one person who I MIGHT be a bit interested in talking to. I know I could have five or six people here who I might be interested in, and I'll probably lose marks for not doing so, but the only person I could come up with was Bill Gates. Even then, I wouldn't really be interested in talking to him, but I can't just write an essay about inviting no one, can I? Didn't think so. Anyway, the reason for 'wanting' to invite him would be his knowledge of computers and such.

Moving on, this is the paragraph where I tell you who I've decided on inviting and why, if I remember correctly. Obviously, I've decided on inviting Bill Gates. Honestly though, I would rather invite no one and just have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but that's not allowed and I have to invite him. I decided on inviting him to ask him questions about how he started his company, how he managed to basically turn DOS into a much easier to use system and the like. I would give some reasons for why I didn't invite some other people, but there wasn't really anyone else anyway so I didn't have much of a choice.

Anyway, as to what will be served for dinner, it would be served at roughly 7:00 - 7:30 PM and my grandmother (Dad's side) would be cooking it. The food will consist of one perfectly cooked turkey, baked potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli soaked in cheese (or at least, that's what it looked like), and... uhh... some other stuff. Even though granny doesn’t usually cook dessert, for this special occasion she has made upside down pear cake served with cream. Very nice.

Now, this should be a much easier subject. The people attending the dinner would be me, my sister, my father and my stepmother, my grandmother and grandfather, my aunt, uncle and their daughter, some of my dad's friends. All of those that are related to me that would be at that dinner are on my dad's side of the family. Anyway, we would talk about his job and how he managed to make windows, along with maybe asking him roughly how much money he has. I would hope the others at the dinner could carry on the conversation well, as I am really bad at talking, and we'd answer any questions Bill had. Eventually, we would have a 'concert' of sorts with a bunch of Newfoundland songs with my dad playing guitar / singing and my grandfather playing the... I don't know the name of it but it's some small guitar like thing that isn't a banjo. Oh a mandolin, yes, grandpa would be playing the mandolin and the harmonica.

Finally, the last paragraph, where I describe how the dinner... went..? I was supposed to be writing this entire thing in character? Bah. I'm not rewriting this entire thing. I'll just pretend that I did do so and go along with that. The dinner went well. Bill liked all the food and answered all our questions, along with asking a few of his own. As far as I'm aware, he seemed to enjoy the songs at the end of the night as well. I definitely feel better about this then before the supper, more relaxed and such. I'm glad that we had the dinner with Bill and I'd like to see him again, though that's likely never going to happen. I wouldn't do anything like this next year though. Just a nice, normal dinner with the family, none of this celebrity business. Too stressful. Okay, out of character again. Disregard anything I said before saying that I wouldn't do that again next year. I only said those things for the sake of the essay. I would rather not actually have anyone famous over to my house for Thanksgiving. It would be too much of a hassle. Anyway, essay over.


Bethany said...

Fantastic! I love it!