Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's too early for this!!

You know, we have had green Christmases since I started scrapbooking...I would say thats about 5 years now. We have had SOME snow but certainly nothing big and never barely enough to make it look like Christmas. Until now. December 12 and we get socked with 25 cms. It's too EARLY!!! I'm not READY!!

Although it does look gorgeous out there...all white and soft and quiet. And with Christmas around the corner it DOES add an air of festiveness I suppose. Ok fine...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

In other news Jacob had his christmas concert on Monday night! He was a red candy cane on candy cane lane. It was SO sweet. I would post pictures but my camera was just pissing me off and not taking nice pictures - the flash would work and then not work and it would focus and then not focus...piss me nice pictures. But I swear...he was UBER cute!

Jennifer is finished exams...woohoo!!

William got a filling yesterday and now his cheek is he is doing a lot of complaining.

And thats my life - boring as usual LOL!!!!


Christy said...

Will that snow last until Christmas? We got snow too, but I doubt it will last more than a few days. :(

I'm bummed that we don't get pics of Jacob's Christmas performance! I bet he did great.